Self-love comes through action. By loving ourselves, we can love others at a deeper level. 

Confidence built organically through the use of a self-compassion letter. 

We know how to talk to others in a compassionate way, But, do we take the time to treat ourselves in the same way we would a friend.  

Striving for higher self-esteem has always been a pop-psych cure all. But, is it what we really need?

Harvard study reveals 10 minutes of daily mindfulness practice over six weeks can improve performance and creativity, increase mood, and lower stress....View Details

Awaken and enlighten the five senses with this practice.  Awakening our five senses and connecting with the world around us is a great way to find pea...View Details

Diffuse any challenging emotionally charged situation by the use of breathing space. 

Avoid these three common mental traps through cultivating mindful awareness.  

Taking care of your daily emotional hygiene is as important as physical hygiene. Learn a powerful strategy for emotional hygiene and self-control.  

Learning to change the relationship with your emotions can catapult your well-being!

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